Streamline your fleet operations with precision ELD solution

Experience hassle-free compliance, enhanced safety, and optimized efficiency for drivers and fleet managers alike.

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Manage driving hours effortlessly with our user-friendly HOS platform for iOS & Android.


Assets Map

Track your truck's and trailer's current location with our advanced tool.


Data Monitoring

Real-time data insights and instant notifications for informed, efficient fleet management.



Streamline your fleet with easy IFTA reporting and analytics for smarter, informed decisions.




ELD PRO Solution ensures streamline and automate compliance, including HOS, ELD, DOT, DVIR and more, making it easy for drivers to stay up to date with the current regulations.

Team Driving

ELD PRO Solution allows drivers to work in pairs using the same app installed on the same device.

Customer Support 24/7

In case you face any problems with the app or ELD device, you can always contact the ELD PRO Solution support team.

About us

ELD PRO Solution is your trusted partner in advanced ELD technology for the US and Canadian logistics sectors. Our robust system provides seamless tracking of driving hours, vehicle inspections, fuel transactions, and more-ensuring compliance and efficiency. Tailored to meet unique fleet needs, we offer customizable reports and features that enhance operational control. Team drivers can benefit from our user-friendly app designed for shared use on any Android or iOS device. Choose simplicity and precision with ELD PRO Solution-where innovation meets the open road.


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Explore our collection of guides designed to walk you through the optimal use of our application. Download the materials to master all features for an enhanced user experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of using your ELD service?

Our ELD service offers a range of benefits including real-time tracking, fuel efficiency insights, and proactive maintenance alerts. By choosing our solution, you can reduce operational costs, improve compliance with HOS regulations, and enhance overall fleet safety.

Will your ELD solution ensure compliance with FMCSA regulations?

Absolutely. Our ELD system is designed to meet all FMCSA requirements and automatically updates to comply with any regulatory changes. With us, you can rest assured that your fleet remains compliant at all times.

How secure is the data collected by your ELD system?

We prioritize data security by employing advanced encryption protocols and regular security audits to protect all information collected by our devices. Your data's integrity and confidentiality are guaranteed.

What kind of support do you offer if there's a problem with the device or software?

We provide 24/7 customer support handled by experienced technicians ready to assist you with any issues related to our devices or software. Additionally, we offer comprehensive training materials and troubleshooting guides for quick self-service solutions.

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